Privacy Policy 

Who We Are 

Welcome to Track Itinerary’s Privacy Policy page. 

Track Itinerary is a product of Eligo Creative Services Pvt. Ltd., based in Himachal Pradesh, India. Track Itinerary (or ‘we’ or ‘us’) understands the importance of privacy of costumes’ data. This Privacy Policy (or just ‘policy’) has information to protect the private and personal data of customers and keep it confidential. The Privacy Policy is applicable only to Track Itinerary and no other products by Eligo Creative Services Pvt. Ltd..  Contact our team through the website or email ( if you have more questions about our privacy policy.

We are committed to protecting your personal data. We ask you to read through the information on this page. The usage of our software and services will compromise your consideration of the usage and nondisclosure of your information. The privacy policy is applicable only to Track Itinerary. It doesn't include the third-party websites linked to our site, our services, social networking websites, or the features offered by others that are available through customization. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of third-party websites. We strongly urge our customers to read the privacy policies of all third parties.

What We Do With Your Data

  1. Collection of Personal Data 

  2. Track Itinerary may need to collect your personal data to provide the advertised products/ services and complete the transactions. Your personal data is used to, directly and indirectly, identify you and distinguish you from other users. 

    • We collect the following information (through the website and third-party service providers connected to our site):
    • Account registration information, such as name, email address, contact details (address, phone number), company name, website, and URL. Your contact information will be used for identification and communication purposes.
    • Track Itinerary may collect your location information if the service is enabled on your device. You can change the device settings to prevent us from collecting your location details.
    • Your log file information, such as login web request, IP address, number of clicks, URLs, browser type, pages viewed, landing pages, domain names, and other browsing information. This information is used to customize and enhance our website/ services.
    • Track Itinerary may also monitor, record, and store communication through email, calls, website chat, and other communication channels used by the visitor and our company. This data is sued to review instructions and train employees. It is also used to prevent criminal activities like fraud and better our customer service

  3. Sharing Personal Data with Third-Party Sites

  4. Track Itinerary may share a part of your personal information with third-party service providers for them to deliver the services on their side. The data will be used by the service providers only to fulfill the terms of the agreement. In certain circumstances, Track Itinerary and/or the third-party service providers may have to share the information with relevant authorities. Track Itinerary doesn’t have any control over the other third-party websites, plug-ins, and applications. We are not responsible for them.

  5. Corrections and Changes Made to Personal Data 
  6. Track Itinerary needs to have the correct and latest data about customers to provide the necessary products/ services. It’s crucial to notify us in case of any changes to personal information

    You have the right to correct, update, and complete your personal details on our site to ensure a smooth continuation of services. You also have the right to submit additional information that may help us enhance our customer services. 

  7. User’s Legal Rights 
  8. Users have certain rights w.r.t the personal data Track Itinerary processes. Your rights include the following:

    • Obtain a copy of your personal data and request how we process it.
    • Object to our processing of your personal data, which is done for legitimate purposes
    • Request us to stop/restrict the processing of your personal data and maintain the status quo until the restriction is lifted
    • Request your personal data to be structurally presented in a readable and easily understandable format or machine-readable format and share it with you or an organization you name based on the circumstances
    • Object to decisions made by automatically processing your data, which may affect you or your interests legally. 
    • Request erasure of your personal information (subject to condition
    • File a complaint with a superior authority if you consider that our processing of your personal data constitutes personal data infringement.
    • Request us to cancel/ stop sending marketing messages to your contact information. You can do this any time by contacting our customer care or using the opt-out link included in each marketing message.

    You have the right to ask how and where we store personal data. Send an email to our customer support team (email ID: along with your identification proof so that we can verify your ID before sharing confidential details. 

  9. Protection of User Data
  10. Track Itinerary has adequate security measures to protect your personal data under over control from misuse, loss, and alteration. We do our utmost to prevent unauthorized access by setting up firewalls, encryptions, security layers, etc. We also work continuously on improving our security system to provide better data protection. We have a continuous backup system that allows us to retrieve lost information from any point within the backup retention period. Your login username and password are necessary to provide support/ service/ assistance to access your data.

    However, your account information, such as the username and password is yours to protect. It is your responsibility to keep the details private and not share them with anyone. Make sure to log out of your account if browsing on a public or common computer. This prevents others from accessing/ using your account.

    If there’s a reason for you to believe that your personal information and Track Itinerary account have been compromised, change the password and inform us immediately.

  11. Cookies 
  12. Cookies are tiny letters and numbers stored on your computer. Cookies allow us to make the website user-friendly and improve its navigation and content.

    We use cookies to-
    • Manage your sessions on the websit
    • Distinguish one user from another so that we can customize your experience on our site 

    Some cookies last for a day (if you log in without selecting ‘Remember Me’). ‘Remember Me’ login cookies will be saved for two weeks and removed when you log out. Auto-fill cookies will be saved for a year.

    The cookies will not infringe on your privacy on the internet. Almost all browsers allow you to control cookies from browser settings (to a good extent). You can block or remove cookies whenever you wish to do so.

    However, Track Itinerary recommends accepting our cookies as certain functions on the site can perform correctly only when your browser accepts the cookies.

    Revision of Privacy Policy

    Track Itinerary may update the privacy policy following the changes in the relevant laws and regulations. This may change how we handle and process your personal data. The changes will become effective after the updated privacy policy is posted on the company website.

    In the event of any dispute between a client and the track itinerary arising during the use of the Site or after that, such dispute shall be subject to arbitration. The arbitration shall occur in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, and be conducted in English. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of India, and any dispute shall be exclusively under the jurisdiction of the appropriate courts in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India.

    When the Business is Handed Over to Another Company/Entity

    Track Itinerary may expand or reduce the business over time. This may involve the sale and/ or transfer of control of all or some part of our business. If and where permitted by law, the personal data you provided to our company will be transferred to the new owner, either fully or partially, as per the terms of our agreement.

    However, the new owner/ controlling party will have to use the data as per the same laws and regulations. It will be permitted to use the data only for the same purposes as Track Itinerary originally collected the data for.

    Governing Law

    Track Itinerary websites and services are meant for users from around the world. The terms of the privacy policy are governed by and in accordance with the laws of the state of Himachal Pradesh, India.

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